Your Help Needed to Catch a Thief...

On Monday May 1 2006 this item was stolen from my display at Popham AeroJumble (near Andover, UK):

German Luftwaffe aircraft clock - early model Bo Uk 1 of the type FL 23885


This is an early model Bo Uk 1 of the type FL 23885, German Luftwaffe aircraft clock.  It was fitted to fighters such as the Me 109e.

It has the marked, rotating brass bezel, which on later models was bakelite like plastic.  It has a black face with inset seconds dial, a full sweep second hand, and the winder and push button control at the base to operate the chrono functions.  The casing is alloy, with turn-lock backplate and small data plate.

The hands are not original, they are a slightly different design to the standard which should make it easy to identify.

In addition there is a WM scratched inside the back cover - as you can see in the second picture above.  The only thing which may not be original are the hands, as they are of a slightly different design to standard.

If you are offered or see anyone with this clock would you please contact me, Mark Bentley, either by email: or telephone 01929 423411.  You can let me know anonymously if you prefer.

Alternatively, contact your local Police and tell them you have seen this item which was stolen from Mark Bentley of Tiger Collectibles.

Please pass this plea for help to anyone you know who is interested in Militaria Memorabilia and may come across this 'scum of the earth'