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Current Catalogue - Optics, Watches & Clocks.

This catalogue is updated quarterly, however new items often arrive between updates. If there is something specific that you are looking for please email me with your 'wants list'. I will let you know as soon as anything interesting comes in.

To use this on-line catalogue display please choose a section from the links on the left and then browse the items below. Use the "Email" link next to an item if you want to ask any questions before buying.

All purchases are dealt with personally, not through an impersonal, on-line store. Although prices are shown in English pounds sterling, I will ship internationally.

Many of our items are shown in the Picture Gallery pages.
Please enjoy browsing the pictures. When you've found something you like in the pictures you can use the search box on this page to find the description and price.

Kind regards,

Mark Bentley

M9640 - U-BOAT CLOCK   £2800
A very original looking german U-Boat clock, being still having the original black finish to its case, most of these clocks being taken and the brass cases being polished, very few survive without this happening. The stepped casing has a side hinged, bevelled glass cover, with a lock, operated by the winding key. Clock has a silvered metal dial with black arabic numerals, etched KM eagle & M to the left side and key wind hole in lower half, also has a full sweep seconds hand. Clock has a eight day movement by Kieninger & Obergfell, which keeps good time. This clock was removed from a sinking U-Boat by a british sailor and left in this original condition.

Classic, armoured U-Boat binoculars, being the pre-focus 7x50 type, with heavy metal casing and rubber armour either end, these binoculars were produced fully waterproof with rust proof casings, under the rubber around the eye optics, they are maker code marked blc for Carl Zeiss, this model being produced from 1943, they would have had a rainguard cover on elastic strap but this is missing as the straps perish, otherwise the rubber armour is in good shape and all there, the original paint finish to the casing has been lost but the optics are good and the coated lenses work well. Binoculars come with a leather case & shoulder strap, made for them by a previous owner, as they were supplied to U-Boats in wood transit boxes, each containing 10 pairs and never had individual cases.

A good condition and fully working, wartime Royal Navy ships clock, maker marked to the white 6inch dial face "Smith Astral" with 8 day movement, face is marked with arabic numerals and has a inset seconds dial to the top half, with speed adjustment above it, has a key slot in lower face, accessed by opening the side hinged bevelled glass, casing is brass. The "Astral" denoted Smiths best quality movement in these clocks.

A wartime Smiths Astral, large dial, 8 day movement, Royal navy engine room clock, brass cased with hinged bevelled glass, the white face maker marked Smiths Astral and a outer calibration of 0 to 60 with a full sweep seconds hand and should have an inner band for the main hands of 0 to 12 in roman numerals but someone has over layed this with an hour band in roman numerals. Apart that this, it is a fine, fully working clock that keeps excellent time.

M9503 - RAF WALL OR DIAL CLOCK   £1000
A good, working type 1, RAF wall or dial clock by F.W.Elliott, with 8 day Fusee movement, the rear wood casing air ministry marked & dated 1941, the all white face having the RAF crest to the top half and having large roman numerals with hour & minute hands in black, has side hinged glass to access winder and wood surround is dark mahogany, large impressive clock.

M9137 - RAF MK11C COCKPIT CLOCK.   £175
A very good condition RAF Mk11C, 1944 dated cockpit clock with metal casing, as used in fighters etc. It has a 8 day movement, black face with white arabic numerals, glass has central knobb fitted to control a set of red dummy hands, a feature on these clocks for marking start times etc, The normal hands are controlled by a knobb to the bottom right of the clock, this is also the winder. Sadly the glass is cracked but this could be replaced, though it still displays well as it is.

M8888 - RAF COCKPIT CLOCK.   £175
A RAF Mk2B cockpit clock, as used in most aircraft of the period, this being the type without the dummy hands, black face dated 1943, with white arabic numerals and full sweep seconds hand, has a black bakerlite casing embossed to the rear with AM & kings crown and has a winder knob to the lower right corner which is also used to set the time, in good working order.

A pair of RAF issue, pre-focus 7x50 binoculars, used by Airsea Rescue boat crews, they have a one piece rubber eye shield cushion, overall finish is black, with casing marked with type 6E/383. Mk1V. Bino Prism and a broad arrow. Condition is only fair with some corroded area's to casing and optics being dirty but they display well and are complete with webbing neck strap and with their fitted blue/grey case, with carry handle.

M7780 - RAF 6X30 BINOCULARS.   £75
A pair of the standard issue 6x30 RAF binoculars, with black finish and fully marked with AM & kings crown, excellent optics and has leather neck strap, though this does have a break in it, otherwise condition is fine.

M8657 - RAF MK11D COCKPIT CLOCK.   £195
A good RAF issue Mk11D, cockpit clock with type number 6A/1150 to the black face, date of 1943 and white arabic numberals, 8 day movement by Smiths in a bakelite casing with glass cover, which has a inset knob that controls dummy red hands (often missing), has winder knob to the side at 4 o clock, good working order.

A prewar german wristwatch which has been used and inscribed on the back "Feldwebel. W.BECKER. HG.1st.Flak. R." which looks to be a Feldwebel Becker of the Hermann Goering. 1st Flak Regt (a luftwaffe flak unit). If this is correct, they saw action in north africa/tunisia and italy. Sadly the watch. The watch has no visible maker name, a plated case, watch face is off white with inset seconds dial and arabic numerals, fitted with a grey lkeather strap which could be period, many troops bought and used civilian watches, not everyone was issued a watch, sadly its not working but its an interesting item with possible research potential.

A large mechanical timer, with stop/start control to the side, possibly from a factory or machine shop, the 8 inch diameter white dial face being marked 0 to 60 seconds, with a lower inset dial marked 0 to 60 minutes, there is also another sub calibration marked 0 to 100 on the main dial. There is a reset button to the top of the case and on the back plate is a fixed key winder and speed control. The face is maker marked Junghans, well known wartime clock maker, though this appears to be of post war manufacture, possibly for a factory, in good working order.

A german WW11 clock by Keinzle, standard type fitted in all military trucks such as the Opel Blitz etc, very good movement in full working order, with separate glass & bezel that hold the clock into the dashboard, has good black face with roman numerals in both normal & 24hr markings, where on most clocks there would be an inset seconds dial to the bottlom, there is an attractive rad & white rotor behind a grill, which as the clock operates you see first red then white as it rotates, has rear winder & adjustment knob, a nice timepiece.

A very nice kriegsmarine issue wristwatch, plated brass case and having silver/white face with lumed arabic hour numbers and inset seconds dial, to the face top is KM, under which is Zentra, german watch company logo of Albert Kratz. GmBh Minden and is a shockproof watch, very slightly small in size to other watches, screw on rear, stainless steel cover has serial number 509811. Watch has a modern leather strap and is in working order.

A small pair of 2.5x38, bakerlite and brass construction binoculars made during the war and issued for combined operations, possibly commando's etc, maked with the MOD broad arrow but no other markings and are complete with webbing neck strap, condition is pretty good and lenses are clear but could do with a clean.

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