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Current Catalogue - Models.

This catalogue is updated quarterly, however new items often arrive between updates. If there is something specific that you are looking for please email me with your 'wants list'. I will let you know as soon as anything interesting comes in.

To use this on-line catalogue display please choose a section from the links on the left and then browse the items below. Use the "Email" link next to an item if you want to ask any questions before buying.

All purchases are dealt with personally, not through an impersonal, on-line store. Although prices are shown in English pounds sterling, I will ship internationally.

Many of our items are shown in the Picture Gallery pages.
Please enjoy browsing the pictures. When you've found something you like in the pictures you can use the search box on this page to find the description and price.

Kind regards,

Mark Bentley

A large scale, scratchbuilt model of the german 88mm Flak gun, on a tailor made wooden display base. Made mostly of metal with some other materials, possible around 1/8th scale but not sure, its well made and big anyway.

A well made, scratchbuilt, large scale model of the unusual Welfreighter Mk111, a top secret submarine boat, designed to sale as a boat to within sight of an enemy coast, then submerge and get in close to drop SOE agents & upto 2 tons of supplies. A strange looking craft it was made as a RC model and used as such but is being sold as a display model, it is approx 3ft long.

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