How to Use This Website: Browse Pictures and Read Descriptions:
You can browse the pictures and display the description at the same time. These instructions will show you how for a Windows based PC. Click here to print these instructions

Display Picture Gallery
Make sure all open windows (except this one) are minimised or closed.
Click the Stock Photo Gallery link on the left of this browser window.
The stock picture gallery opens in a new browser window.
On the task bar at the bottom of your screen, alternate (right click) on the plain section of the bar (not in any section showing icons) A menu will appear including options for tiling windows.
Choose to tile horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer.

Display Stock Listing
In this original browser window, click the link on the left for the 'Online Catalogue' listing.
You now have the picture gallery in one browser window and the descriptions in the other.
Browse the pictures, click on a small picture to see a larger view.
If the picture has an M number it will be described in the stock listing.
Type the M number in the search box in the left panel of the Online Catalogue window and click Search.
You now have the picture in one window and the description and price in the other.